Campus Hiring

Technological platforms that help organizations hire the most suitable entry-level talent by using customized assessments to benchmark fresher hiring. Let's improve communication between students and corporates.

Managing Campus placements online is an innovative approach that reduces costs and improves communication in HR practices and is gaining considerable ground across different organizations.

Finding an extended network of entry-level is critical for all organizations as that ensures fresh flow of talent and renewal of intellectual capital within the company. We, at Five Elements pride ourselves on solutions that set us apart from plain vanilla recruitment agencies; we are conceptualizers, we thrive on adaptability. Therefore, as part of our campus hiring solution, we bring to you- 'Pareekshn”.

Delivered in a paperless format that uses customized assessments across a number of modules this online platform facilitates a better absorption of candidates into the database. Our online portal for campus hiring takes the best from cloud computing and connects graduates with businesses through unique online tests and delivery mechanisms that command innovation. Placing graduates closer to potential employers,Pareekshn strives to create a network of human capital that can benefit from conversation with companies and other peers.

For placement agencies working on fresher recruitment of organizations looking for the best graduates; Pareekshn effectively enables them to manage campus recruitment process online. It gives placement agencies a technological platform to help them efficiently conduct campus drives to hire better and most suitable graduates for end clients. Pareekshn is also useful for students who can create an online profile that can be used to apply for various available positions. Students can benefit by practicing online tests which are similar to the actual tests used by most corporates. This improves their chances of getting a good job.

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