Error Checking

Overview of Error Checking Tests

Error checking tests are designed to assess the current performance level of an individual, whether applying for a position or currently employed, in order to aid in the selection of candidates, workplace appraisals and other required areas. These types of aptitude tests are of particular use in secretarial, clerical and administrative roles as the test evaluates ability to check information and the employees of these respective occupations would likely be required to produce a large amount of written text or numerical analysis, which would make effective error detection skills a necessity. Research has suggested that error checking tests are a reliable predictor of future job performance in regards to these areas, which in part has facilitated their rise in popularity among potential and current employers as a means of assessment.

Although they are useful for employers, error checking tests can also offer useful information to those taking them. For example, the assessment feedback gives the candidate an insight into their own existing abilities, as well as possible areas for improvement, which in turn could inspire self-directed development if they wish to progress their skills. By using the assessment in order to improve performance, the candidate may find themselves more desirable to prospective employers. In regards to personal use, an individual might wish to use the assessment to find out which occupational roles they may be more suited to in order to select a career appropriate to their abilities.

Having outlined the importance of error checking aptitude tests, it is also useful to know what to expect when completing one. For instance, the typical questions to arise during these assessments require an effective comparison of correct information alongside an adapted version of the original text. They will appear to be very similar although in the altered text, some items have been transposed or swapped with other parts of the transcript. The aim is to identify the statements that have been written correctly, those that have been altered and the nature of the alteration itself, for example; type, business name, account number etc. The texts provided will normally contain alphabetical and numerical characters in order to allow for an assessment of both fields and have a time limit for completion of questions.

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